Episode 1: Roots Rebel Radio Episode 1


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"Roots Rebel Radio" Show will lean being a little less heavy in general, and branch out into garage bands, surf rock, rockabilly, bluegrass, outlaw country, delta blues, or whatever else touches upon the roots of all this great music not being heard. Cowboy’s Juke Joint! Live Thursdays' 8:00 PM EST on www.cowboysjukejoint.com 1. Black Cat Bone 616 - mic check! 2. Ernie Clark & the Magnificent Bastards - Lay My Hammer Down 3. The Broadway Twisterss - Girl With a Gretsch 4. Max Lockwoods - Burning It Down 5. The Bootstrap Boyss - Strong Drinks for Heavy Hearts 6. DEAD EYE ZACKs - MONKEY BUSINESS 7. Colt Snuffer and The Dead Horsemens - Where The Railroads Go 8. Abe Partridge - I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker 9. The Kasketeerss - Undead Nightmare 10. Roosevelt Diggss - bad luck and hard times 11. The Vacant Shapess - Great Barrier Grief 12. Chuck Whiting Jr.s - Mind Control 13. White Lightnings - R.L Blues 14. Half Deaf Clatchs - Ghost Riders In The Sky 15. Patty PerShayla & The Mayhapss - Apostrophe 16. A Banda de Um Homem Só - Pé na Estrada 17. Too Slim and the Taildraggers - Lay Down Your Gun 18. Saint Christopher Webster - killing jerry howell 20. Southbound Snake Charmers - Bad Ass Blues 21. Jerusalem Mules - Ain Gonna Study War No More 22. The Surf Serpents - Serpents Of Surf 23. Xtreme Blues Dog - Dry Leaves 24. Raven Hellion Griffin - A Murder Within 25. Diesel Boots - Whiskey 'n' Tears 26. Stovepipe - Holy Death 27. Goodnight, Texas - Button Your Collar 28. Junkard - Snake Church 29. HIGH/LOW - Salt Water Mountain (Live at Lofi Studios 2019) 30. Les Blackwell - Freight Train 31. The Devil Legba - Cocaïne Jam

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