Alex Felman - CEO of StartUp42 Media


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Join us in this wide-ranging conversation as we explore; the key to building start-ups, the differences in running a company and a business, the impact of scaling, value-creation, technology, and how to attract and retain expat millennials with CEO of StartUp42 Media, Alex Felman.

Episode Takeaways
  • The key to succeed as a start-up [02:23]

  • Growing and scaling [11:10]

  • The difference in building a company and building a business [12:30]

  • The flipside of raising funds [17:25]

  • TECH BBQ and important tech for average consumers [23:48]

  • Attracting and retaining expat millennial entrepreneurs [33:10]

  • Daily habits and routines to stay sharp [43:16]

  • Special event and mindfulness [47:16]

  • Mentors, teachers and the education system [54:24]

  • Book recommendations [01:05:25]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [01:16:26]

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