Christine Bosse - Leadership in Balance


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What is leadership in balance and how and why should we empower middle management in 2019?

Join us as we discuss these topics and much more with former group CEO of Tryg, member of countless boards and one of Financial Times top 25 businesswomen in the world, Christine Bosse.

Episode Takeaways
  • Leadership in Balance [2:30]

  • Movement, balance, and consciousness - the philosophy behind leadership [3:33]

  • Incorporating the sustainability goals [7:23]

  • Middle managers’ dilemma and barriers [8:51]

  • Job descriptions of middle managers [14:50]

  • Gender diversity in management [15:57]

  • The cognitive biases [21:12]

  • Creating a leadership team [22:34]

  • Giving middle managers the time to think [25:07]

  • Daily habits to stay mentally and physically sharp, and the benefits of winter swimming [28:46]

  • Life-defining experiences and the impact of growing up in a dual-cultural family [33:05]

  • Challenging personality trait, biggest motivator and something weird [36:40]

  • Julefrokost guests and best life advice [41:17]

  • Mentors in life and book recommendations [43:36]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [48:31]

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