Kim Bildsøe Lassen - What’s the status and impact of Brexit?


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What’s the status and impact of Brexit?

Join us in this fascinating and insightful conversation as we interview award-winning journalist and DR’s correspondent in the UK, Kim Bildsøe Lassen.

Episode Takeaways
  • The status of Brexit [2:53]

  • Why Brexit? Why remain? [5:36]

  • Misinformation in the society and the longing of the glorious time [8:45]

  • Factors behind misinformation [12:56]

  • Pursuing the objectivity in journalism [15:08]

  • The general election and its influence on Brexit [21:21]

  • Politics in 2016 and the hope for changes thereafter [27:25]

  • Trust and its relation to the British and the American societies [33:03]

  • Daily habits and routines to keep sharp and benefits from meditation [39:27]

  • Life-changing experience and something weird [44:33]

  • Dinner invitation and teacher or mentor in life [47:14]

  • Life-guiding quote and book recommendation [50:48]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [53:35]

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