Laura Lykkegaard - 2019 Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador of the year


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Join us in this engaging conversation as we interview 2019 Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador of the year, Laura Lykkegaard. We discuss Laura’s role as a Goodwill Ambassador, how she leverages her network to promote Denmark and attract talent from South Africa, the Nordic House in Cape Town, and how to break into the South African market.

Episode Takeaways
  • 2019 Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador of the year [02:26]

  • Attracting young talent [08:07]

  • Getting involved with Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors [10:05]

  • Promoting Denmark [12:50]

  • Being a Global Dane [16:00]

  • Keys to breaking into and doing business in South Africa [19:35]

  • Moving to Cape Town [23:00]

  • ROI of living abroad [25:50]

  • Nordic House [28:50]

  • Daily habits and routines to stay sharp [33:05]

  • Special event and dinner party invite [34:45]

  • Quote and mentor [42:50]

  • Book recommendations [48:48]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [50:00]

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