Pia Mollback-Verbic: Danish goodwill in India


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Join us as we explore navigating the Indian market and the essence of qualitative research with Managing Director of Quipper Research and Board Member of Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors, Pia Mollback-Verbic.

Episode Takeaways
  • What it means to be a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador in India [02:26]

  • Important elements to be aware of when starting to do business in India [5:30]

  • Navigating a traditionally class-based society [06:50]

  • Quipper Research [09:00]

  • Similarities and differences between doing business in India and Denmark? [10:40]

  • Entering the Indian circle of trust [13:05]

  • Pia’s personal journey and the beginning of Quipper Research [18:20]

  • Qualitative research and best practices [26:10]

  • The pace of change in attitudes and values across generations [29:27]

  • Qualitative research vs. quantitative research [31:47]

  • Scaling research findings [36:30]

  • Habits and rituals to stay sharp [38:52]

  • Meaningful event for growth and challenging personality trait [39:30]

  • Major motivators and something weird [41:42]

  • Dinner party invites and best advice [44:29]

  • Teachers, mentors, and book recommendations [47:38]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [50:51]

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