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I had quite a lengthy conversation this morning with Mr. Jim Polito about healthcare and healthcare records. I really delved into this. In fact, I had used up the whole segment for Jim, but he asked for it right. What are the implications, pros and cons, and other related technology issues? Also, I have room right now, for one more business. If you have a business and you're looking maybe for a virtual CISO virtual chief security officer to help your business adopt a cybersecurity culture and get some things on the road, maybe improve a few security issues or just need some help. I can help just reach out to me, Craig Peterson, email me at Craig Peterson dot com. Let me help you get a little bit of sleep at night by taking care of some of those pesky cybersecurity issues, a little bit of training, a little bit of coaching mentoring on your part and maybe your IT person's part, as well. Here we go with Mr. Polito.

My Security Summer has ended. I hope you enjoyed getting the cybersecurity Cheat Sheets I prepared for you and found them useful.

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