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Introducing Beyond Strange World! A new podcast from Crawlspace Media. This is episode six. Please subscribe in the links below.

In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna chat about episode five of the new show from Travel Channel, Strange World. We are joined by filmmakers Christopher Garetano, and Jason Kerestes of JK Botics to discuss episode six, Beyond Stargate.

In episode six independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano explores the US government's programs -- past and present -- that seek to create the perfect supersoldier.

From Travel Channel: Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano, whose award-winning film inspired the hit show “Stranger Things,” has spent a lifetime searching for the truth behind some of America’s most unusual stories. Now, he begins a boots-on-the-ground investigation into the legends, mysteries and first-person accounts that fuel this country’s creepiest conspiracy theories and unexplained occurrences.

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