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ALL ABOARD for Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants, a podcast that tries less than it should to not look stupid! This week, host Ryan Wolf is accompanied by Idiot Box Film director Colin Giffy, Pokemaster Oscar Guerrero, and a wild Austyn Torres appears to challenge us all! Check a look below at this week’s topics:

Pokemaster Oscar beats Let’s Go, Pikachu, proving once and for all that he is the VERY BEST

Austyn watches Knightfall (basically Cars 4)

Austyn plays Total War

News: Sony and Disney/Marvel Spiderman deal falls through

Twitch promotes porn on Ninja’s old channel

Fortnite Champion gets swatted

Apex Legends 170 dollar digital item

EA’s non-sales Madden statistics

Game of Thrones showrunners get huge Netflix deal

Kevin Feige clarifies fates of those that returned after Endgame

Ewan McGregor might return to Star Wars on Disney+

Disney reboots beloved Fox franchises for Disney+

Washington man plays Pokemon Go on 8 phones

Promos: The Outlandish Historians

End music: “Summer 83 – 7” Version” by 2DCat

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