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ALL ABOARD for Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the only podcast on the internet starring an idiot and a savant that aren’t afraid to address the big topics! King of the Idiots and podcast host Ryan Wolf is joined this week by The Idiot Box co-founder and director-in-training Colin Giffy! Check a look below at this week’s topics:

Ryan plays Rage 2

Reminiscing about Pokemon

The influence of music/rhythm games

News: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo take a stance on lootboxes

Rocket League removes lootboxes

Ninja moves streaming networks

Halo TV Show news

Halo Reach delayed

Republicans blame video games for recent shootings

Pokemon Go news

New Marvel Phase 4 fan theory

Promos: Quiz and Hers Podcast



End music: “Love Kills (featuring Sandra Bullet)” by Levinsky




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