#29 - 2022 Will Be Your Comeback Year


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Welcome to the "Create Don't Hesitate" Podcast hosted by me, Zackary Ford!

- This podcast episode #29 is about (2022 Will Be Your Comeback Year - This is your year year of productivity and progress to your dreams!)

  • - Within this episode, I will share with you the - BIG IDEA: (This Is your comeback year to live the life you are meant to live. Set up daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly goals, habits, routines, focus times for work/creativity. Be productive and learn to use your calendar and To-Do lists! Have a “Daily Highlight” The most important task of your day before anything else!)
  • There are some videos going around on TikTok and IG Reels recently around December 2021 as I’m recording this, and the message in the video says:

2019 changed me 2020 broke me 2021 opened my eyes 2022 I’m coming back

This is your year and not like any other. What’s your comeback story from all that you’ve been through?

Set up systems, goals. habits, routines, growth mindset, consistent habits/actions that reflect the lifestyle you aspire to live!

  • This year and for 2022, my goal is to have the heart to serve others without any conditions or need of anything in return, and be a servant leader with my actions.
  • Set up a Daily Highlight (the most important #1 task of the day before anything else) - I first heard this from Productivity YouTuber Ali Abdaal.

Reflect on the past year and what worked well for you, what didn’t work well, what to stop, continue, and start doing, your relationships/connections with others, what makes you happy/joyful/uplifted…If you’re an influencer or social media creator - batch create and schedule your content!

5 Needed Hobbies this year: This is a concept I’ve heard over social media

One to make you money

One to keep you in shape

One to keep you creative

One to build knowledge

One to Evolve/Grow Your Mindset

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