165 - Should You Promote Your First Nonfiction Book?


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The answer here is a little bit (maybe a LOT) different. I feel like there is a vast difference in how promotion looks for fiction and nonfiction. I've found WAY more free options for promoting nonfiction books.


Well, nonfiction books (other than creative nonfiction, like memoirs) often contain information that can be parsed out and packaged into other content. For example: I have a book on email lists. I have written a TON of content on this blog on email. (Find that here.) Many of the posts allow me to link to the paid book. I can also write guest posts where I gain authority and promote the book on email. I've heard tons of people go on podcasts to talk about the topic they wrote about in their nonfiction book.

Nonfiction books also may have a different purpose. Rather than just sales and money for the book, many authors write nonfiction books to gain authority. Want to start a speaking career? Write a book on something you know. Want to sell coaching packages? Write a book related to what you'll be doing in your coaching packages.

You can also use your nonfiction books as a sales funnel. I could use my book on email lists to sell a course (which I used to do, but don't anymore). Or coaching packages (which I also don't currently do). Your $4.99 nonfiction book could help sell your bigger-ticket items.

All that being said, your nonfiction book may be serving other purposes than just making money in and of itself. That makes the promotional aspect a little different ballgame.

Readers also don't read nonfiction in the same way. They might read a how-to book on a topic they're interested in, but they aren't necessarily going to go buy ALL of that author's other how-to books. They'll buy if they're interested in that topic, whereas in fiction, if readers like that writer's story, they'll want more of that AUTHOR.

In case you missed it, YES YES YES YES YES promote your first nonfiction book. Yes. But before you dump in a bunch of money, realize also that you have a ton of other kinds of opportunities to promote that book for FREE by guest posting and going on podcasts.

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