064 - Prioritizing the CEO’s Most Precious Assets


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In this episode, Aviv brings the focus to prioritizing your most precious assets and resources – energy, time and focus. Aviv reflects on the three realizations that occur when you apply these resources effectively and provides personal examples of how he and his clients have arrived at these realizations. Finally, Aviv illustrates how the Impact-Must-Energy (IME) Priority Setting Formula can be utilized to identify where you can make the highest impact, which priorities you must complete, and what revitalizes and renews your energy.

  • 00:45 – Introducing today’s topic, prioritizing your assets
  • 01:24 – Reflecting on the question, “What do you believe are your most precious assets?”
  • 01:56 – The first objective of Aviv’s CEO advisory and coaching work
  • 03:14 – Techniques for creating an innovative thinking space
  • 03:43 – Identifying your personal most precious resources and currencies
  • 04:24 – Expounding on the ETF assets: Energy, Time, and Focus
  • 06:51 – The Impact-Must-Energy Priority Setting Formula
  • 08:33 – Now it’s your turn, learn to apply your energy, time and focus appropriately

Full show notes: http://www.avivconsulting.com/cnf64

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