068 - The Breakthrough Collaboration Tip


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In this episode, Aviv expounds on the concept of achieving breakthrough collaboration by elevating key partnerships. Aviv reflects on the Partnering TIP, which focuses on trust, imperative and purpose. He introduces a key exercise as well as questions to reflect on while participating in this exercise. Finally, Aviv urges the audience to engage their respective teams in this partnering exercise in order to gain new perspective and actionable insight to their growth opportunities.

  • 00:56 – Introducing today’s topic, Achieve Breakthrough Collaboration by Elevating Key Partnerships
  • 02:12 – The Partnership T.I.P.
  • 03:06 – The Four-Column Exercise
  • 04:56 – Questions to reflect on in order to achieve breakthrough partnerships
  • 06:28 – Aviv encourages you to engage your team when participating in this exercise
  • 06:41 – Now it’s your turn, identify your top stakeholders, assess your Partnership TIP, and identify the conversations you need to have to elevate those partnerships

Full show notes: http://www.avivconsulting.com/cnf68

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