089 Miha Matlievski - A Healthy Relationship with Failure


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Miha Matlievski is business coach focusing on helping entrepreneurs and business executives. His approach was shaped by what he describes as an epic failure that eventually led to a redemptive renewal and a new beginning. Miha’s passionate pursuit and hard work have resulted in four successful businesses and a personal net worth of fifteen million dollars by his mid-twenties. In this episode, Aviv and Miha expound on the importance of utilizing logic over emotion to develop a healthy relationship with failure to foster success. Miha analyzes the three vectors of freedom, including the freedom of time, money and self-knowledge. Finally, Miha shares his insights on maintaining a growth mindset and the inherent value of reflection.

  • 00:41 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Miha Matlievski who shares his unbelievable journey of entrepreneurship
  • 12:29 – Miha opens up about what he enjoys the most about his work and defines entrepreneurial freedom
  • 16:43 – Miha expounds on his engagement model and other strategies he utilizes to coach and help entrepreneurs
  • 24:14 – The psychological and emotional aspect of success and failure
  • 29:17 – Mindsets and other critical skills for successful entrepreneurs
  • 39:35 – How Miha has shown courage as a coach
  • 43:07 – Where Miha sees himself in seven years
  • 43:48 – Two learnings Miha values above all others and final words of wisdom from Miha

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