090 - Collective Intelligence 3 - Mapping the Intelligence Terrain


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How can we map the intelligence terrain to capitalize on the different capacities and sources of intelligence? Throughout his lifetime, Aviv has endeavored to answer these questions through his work with teachers, entrepreneurs, business executives, coaches, healers, and futurists.

In this episode, Aviv continues his discussion by expounding on the idea of intelligence as a capacity and as a source. Specifically, Aviv analyzes the metabolic process of intelligence as a capacity. He then describes the manifestation of intelligence both as a stream and as an ecosystem. Finally, Aviv poses a thought experiment to the audience on how they can approach the collective intelligence inquiry wisely.

  • 00:47 – Aviv continues to break down the critical need to facilitate the emergence of collective intelligence
  • 04:30 – Aviv analyzes the idea of intelligence as a capacity
  • 08:11 – Aviv pivots to the idea of intelligence as a source, specifically how an intelligence source can manifest as a stream and as an ecosystem
  • 15:55 – Aviv reiterates the importance of facilitating the broad natural realms of collective intelligence

Full show notes: http://www.avivconsulting.com/cnf90

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