CYLS 161: Secrets to Becoming Forbes' 3rd Most Powerful Arab Business Woman with Dina Shoman


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Episode summary:

Dina shares stories from her journey growing up in a banking family, working in that world and then leaving to found her current startup. She talks about empowering girls through financial literacy and connection to their parents at a young age as well as what she believes leads to successful startups.

About our Guest:

Dina Shoman is the founder and CEO of inHerQuests, a New York City-based social enterprise dedicated to teaching girls under age 18 about money and finance through fun. Dina’s first product is a set of games meant to be played between kids and their parents that teach financial skills targeted toward specific age groups. She was formerly the EVP and Head of Branding at Arab Bank. She was also a member of the Board of Arab Bank plc, and its related entities in Switzerland, Tunis and Australia. In 2012, she was ranked Forbes’ 3rd most powerful Arab business woman.

Insights from this episode:

    How to vet your team members Strategies for connecting early lessons to future confidence for young girls Secrets to successful startups How to manage the loneliness that can come with entrepreneurship

Quotes from the show:

    “Many girls are still not encouraged to learn these things and work and whatnot. I still hear the whole concept of marry rich and you’ll be all set.” - Dina Shoman, Episode #161 “You need to at least be able to feel confident enough that you can take care of yourself financially or at least feel confident that you could if that comes up.” - Dina Shoman, Episode #161 “Parents are trying to find things that are taking their kids away from the screens. Being a physical product actually creates that attention and quality time with parents.” - Dina Shoman, Episode #161 On entrepreneurship: “The most shocking part to me was how lonely it can be. You really have to have that support group around you.” - Dina Shoman, Episode #161 “Balance is definitely on my list of to-dos.” - Dina Shoman, Episode #161 “You have to make the time. You can’t get far, you can’t do much for your company if you’re not okay. Being okay needs that balance: mental, emotional and physical health.” - Dina Shoman, Episode #161

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Favorite quote:

    “Man plans and god laughs.” - old Yiddish adage

3 keys to Create Your Best Life:

    Follow something that you love doing and that you’re passionate about Although planning doesn’t always go the way you want, some planning is very important Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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