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We expect our children to be honest with us. So why do we as parents hide behind lies? It's easy to pretend you have it all together. When in reality, you are drowning. Truth be told, honesty is the best policy.

Think about what lies you have told today. Yes, you have already told a lie to your child.

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And I know this comes as a surprise, but even those white lies are lies.

As much as we won't admit it, we tell our kids one thing yet mean another. The "How are you" answer becomes a way to stall from telling the truth.

The truth is rarely shared. We feel one way, but say something totally different.

Truth be told, the one thing that does remain constant is change.

We try to do what's best only later to learn it hurt more than helped.

Video by Matthew West: Truth Be Told

A lot of us parents are taking what we know from our own experiences in childhood, and trying to convert our way of parenting.

Truth be told, that doesn't work really well.

Instead of making your days what they are not and playing pretend as if everything will be better, be honest as a parent.

Let the truth be told. Do the H.A.R.D. well!

The K.I.S.S. ~ Do the H.A.R.D. well!

Being honest in life, as a parent, is the only way to fix it. We can try to smooth mistakes, mishappens, and misunderstandings. But a cover-up never helped anyone.

If you desire your child to grow up and impact the world that they touch, you must do the H.A.R.D. well.

  1. Honor your child. Celebrate who he/she is no matter the circumstance or situation. Find the good in the bad. Lift them up when everyone else is turning their backs. And for goodness sake, keep your word. When you honor your child, you show respect for your child. And don't you think respect works both ways? If our children are asked to honor their father and mother (Exodus 20:12), we too should do the same. Yes, the discipline still needs to occur. But do so in a manner that demands respect of you which they will come to understand decades later.
  2. Ask for help from wise counsel. Too much of us are looking to do life without other people. Yes, some people you should not share things with. However, you need wise counsel in your life for all areas. "Walk with the wise and become wise." ~ Proverbs 13:20 You are not alone, so stop acting like you are.
  3. Respond in love. We don't always understand the "why" in the moment. So love them where they're at. No conditions. At the same time, this can be tough love too. When you are honest and love at the same time, trust grows. How you respond either builds a bridge or demolishes trust.
  4. Discipline with consistency. What you say must be what you do. And don't forget to take responsibility for your reactions whether good or bad. Regardless of your attentiveness, your child is ALWAYS watching. What you don't do is noticed as much as what you choose to do.

Truth be told, honesty is the best policy. And it must come from a place of humility and leadership.

When you were blessed in becoming a parent, much was expected of you. Just so you know, parenting is not about being right or wrong in how you parent or perfection. It's knowing how you desire your child to grow up so they can impact the world they touch.

You are going to make mistakes and you are going to be awesome all in the same day! This is normal. That's why truth be told, do the H.A.R.D. well!

"Be present. Be incredible. Be YOU!!!"

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