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Don't get trapped in the mundanes of life. Find value in your day when it's running you.

Life is crazy no matter how great it is. But there are often things that don't go your way.

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Sometimes we need a reminder to look for the value. You know the sayin'

"Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck."

How much is a penny worth?

For some, it gives a whole dollar. For others, they toss it away as if it worth nothing.

But what is a penny really worth?

One cent. And that one cent is always one cent no matter what happens.

There's good in your life always. In some circumstances, it may not look like it when you're in the middle of the mess.

But with every mess is a blessing.

How much better would your day be if you saw the value in everything, big and especially little?

When you need a pick-me-up, look around. Look up. Look down. There is so much you have to be grateful for.

Maybe it's the light that didn't turn red. The traffic that moved swiftly when you were running late. The bill you may not have wanted to pay, but had the funds to pay.

The K.I.S.S. ~ Find value in your day!

Value isn't what society tells you. You place value by choice.

What about a glass that's half empty or half full? How do you see it's value? Half or whole?

These may be subtle differences; but these differences can turn your frown upside down. And oops, there comes a smile! :)

Find value in your day. Smile more. Be the light of the world even when it's dark and grey.

What's happened so far today you can find value in?

"Be on the lookout. The best is yet to come. Find value in your day."

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