Product Knowledge Leads to Better Customer Service


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People are looking for experts to help them.

The more you know about your products, the more people will trust you.

Knowing everything you possibly can about the products you offer will lead to better customer service.

Product knowledge doesn't happen by accident. You have to be deliberate. Schedule time to get out in your operation and see what is really happening. Use your product in the way customers will use your product.

If you are going to make it happen, you have to schedule it. Do it on purpose. When you are done, schedule when you will do it again. Never let up on the pressure and pursuit to know more about your product and how a customer does business with you.

Knowledge will help you control the business. You will know what is going on and people will want to help you.

If you work with vendors and third parties, it is your responsibility to make your expectations clear and hold them to a standard.

Don't recommend a product, service, or person unless you have first-hand knowledge.

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