1151 FBF: More Victims of PIP West, Charles Sells, PIP East? Tax Lien, Tax Deeds


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 909, originally published in November 2017. Jason Hartman and Elisabeth Embry start off the show by reminding you that it's time to make your 5 year plan. Not only will it help you create and guide your future, but it could win you some nice prizes from Jason. The two discuss how a 5 year plan helped Elisabeth and her husband become financially free, and how they do their yearly check-in. Then, Jason talks to another potential victim of PIP West and their tax lien business. Jason talks with Bill Truss, who invested nearly $100,000 in tax liens several years ago, has only received $28,000 back, and is unable to get any movement on closing out the liens he holds on properties in Illinois. The two discuss what was promised, what was delivered, and what it would take to make things right. Key Takeaways: Jason Monologue: [4:13] How Elisabeth Embry's 5 year plan led her to Jason and Meet the Masters [7:02] How it feels to be financially free The fear of the unknown is the worst part of starting something new [10:28] We can author our future [14:47] What to do BEFORE you do your 5 year plan [17:00] How Elisabeth and her husband go over their past year and their next 5 years every year We can literally create the future through the power of our own will Bill Truss Interview: [23:39] How Bill met PIP West [26:43] What happened to Bill after he invested $99,664.71 with PIP West [29:15] What a tax lien is and how it works [32:04] The additional invoices Bill's received for "administrative fees" [35:33] What Bill is asking for from PIP West

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