1321 FBF: Ron Paul Liberty, Market Distortion, Inflation & Currency Manipulation


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 913, originally published in November 2017. Jason Hartman starts off the show talking with Elisabeth Embry about how she makes her 5-year plans, and why it's important. Then, Jason continues his conversation with former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. The two finish up their talk by looking at why the government thinks they're the best option for many aspects in our lives, what would happen if the government got out of the way and prices reverted to normal rather than the distorted view we're getting today, and why we shouldn't expect to see inflation curbed in the near future (or ever more likely). Key Takeaways: [4:13] How Elisabeth, and her husband, take the time to put pen to paper and come up with their 5-year plan [7:15] We tend to not put much emotion into our investing victories, which can make us only remember the negatives [10:46] Planning your journey using the Amazon Press Release method [14:37] Take stock of your resources, you probably have more than you realize Ron Paul Interview, Part 2: [18:50] What business is it of the government to involve themselves in so many aspects of our lives? [21:11] Many governmental programs have distorted markets like student loans and housing markets [25:28] Distorted prices and manipulating the currency and tax codes makes people worry about gaining the best tax advantage rather than getting the highest return or providing the most value [28:42] Inflation, from the government and central bank point of view, seems to be a great business plan Websites: www.RonPaulLibertyReport.com

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