1322: Due Diligence, New Mortgage Models & Thank You to Our Veterans


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On this Veterans Day, Jason Hartman and Adam start today's episode discussing the history of the holiday, the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and, most important to real estate, the importance of due diligence (and the importance of questioning your own due diligence). Then Jason talks with Patrick Boyaggi, CEO and co-founder of Own Up. Patrick and his company have a new mortgage model that can avoid hard credit inquiries that might aid investors looking for a loan but worried about their credit score. Key Takeaways: [5:50] Jason's previous experiences at the Berlin Wall [11:16] Advice on what to do after you do your due diligence on a property [17:11] Near death experience and a criminals attempt to exploit it Patrick Boyaggi Interview: [21:46] Can rates stay low? [26:24] Using Patrick's mortgage product doesn't give your credit a hard hit, how do they manage that? [30:59] The impact of soft inquiries on your credit score Website: www.JasonHartman.com/Properties www.OwnUp.com

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