1336 FBF: Self Management Revolution & Fixing Affordable Housing


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 994, originally published in May 2018. Jason Hartman wants to prepare you for the coming revolution. The self management revolution is coming, and it's time to see if you're up for the challenge. There are things that you need to do before you take the plunge, and Jason outlines some of them here. Then, Jason talks with CEO of the NHP Foundation, Richard Burns, about the affordable housing crisis in the United States. The current method of creating affordable housing isn't working for anyone, but Richard thinks there's a way that it can be solved that benefits all parties. Key Takeaways: [2:34] The coming revolution of self-management [5:36] Drew's first taste of self-management [7:45] Some steps to take before going full self-management [11:09] Freddie Mac's new program [15:23] Join Jason for his events in Philadelphia and New York, www.JasonHartman.com/Events Richard Burns Interview: [17:45] What solutions are available for affordable housing? [20:38] The two components of real estates value [22:20] We are nowhere near meeting the affordable housing demand, so what do we do? [26:17] Where did the high paying, real careers go that made people end up in careers that were meant to be stop-gap jobs? [28:25] What does Richard's non-profit do? [31:59] Richard's thoughts on rent control [33:51] What the Baby Boomer survey showed Website: www.NHPFoundation.org

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