1711: Mitigating Downside Risk When Purchasing Income Properties & Why the Cost of Construction Keeps Rising with George Gammon, Part 1


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As with all investments, buying real estate always comes with some form of risk. But Jason Hartman has found a way to mitigate that risk.

Listen in as Jason Hartman and George Gammon go through the first part of how you can manage that risk using the Hartman Risk Evaluator, as well as why the cost of construction seems to be on a never ending climb.

Key Takeaways:

[4:08] Manage your risk to guarantee a return OF your money, then a return on your money

[7:15] Buying a property is buying 2 things: land and the improvement

[10:53] Jason's "AHA!" moment

[15:31] Jason's concept of "Environmental Racism"

[19:29] Why "packaged commodities" give you benefits you don't get with regular commodity investing

[25:00] Why yield investors don't have to worry about the price fluctuating

[28:01] The truth behind those $19,000 homes on Amazon

[31:32] Builders are constantly being hit with new regulations that add cost




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