1761 FBF: Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal, Og Mandino's Mission Success, Nationwide Pricing Trends, & Gen-Y Housing with Jeff Meyers


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Today's Flash Back Friday is from episode 916 first published last November 27, 2017.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Jason Hartman found himself looking through his old books in his mom's house. In the stacks he found two books that were key in his investing journey, The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump, and Mission Success by Og Mandino. Jason explains why these books impacted him so much and why they're still important today.

Then, Jason talks with Jeff Meyers, President at Meyers Research, about the state of the housing market across the USA, and how much runway the market might have. They also discuss whether millennials are finally ready to buy their first houses, and the incredible impact the self-driving car will have.

Key Takeaways:

Jason Intro:

[2:30] The book that turned around Jason's real estate career at the age of 24

[6:23] Jason would listen to Og Mandino's Mission Success cassette on repeat

[11:34] Walter Hoving's views on capitalism

[14:55] Capitalism is the best (and most natural) economic system ever

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Jeff Meyers Interview:

[20:53] Are the millennials finally entering the home buying market?

[24:44] There's been a long economic recovery, but housing hasn't led the way so Jeff sees more runway

[28:23] When did the real recovery from the Great Recession begin, and how does it affect where we are in the housing cycle?

[31:04] Mortgage lending is getting tighter than ever, with the average FICO score on each loan being 720 (the banks are allowed to loan at 680)

[32:36] The self driving car could cause a resurgence of the suburbs, but it will DEFINITELY be a game changer for real estate (perhaps like how Amazon has changed the retail industry)

[35:50] The cottage industry that could spring up out of the emergence of the self driving car



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The Art of the Deal

Mission Success by Og Mandino


Suburban markets we see some runway. they have not kept up, and that's where a lot of demand is starting to take off.

You have to remember that what caused this recession was a direct hit from the mortgage market.

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