1242: Jason's Mom Debt Jubilee, Reviewing Leases & Self-Management


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Jason Hartman and his mom take today's episode to review the book The American Jubilee: A National Nightmare is Closer Than You Think, as well as discussing the impact of loan forgiveness and some self-management strategies that can save you money and headaches when it comes to repairs and tenant retention.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] Jason's mom's takeaway from the book The American Jubilee

[4:51] The middle class is getting crushed today more than they ever have in American history

[8:05] You can use debt as a strategy

[11:56] Impact of the bank holiday

[14:25] Student loans are being packaged and sold to financial firms just like liar loans were

[19:17] The federal government can nationalize your stock and bond portfolio a lot easier than your property

[23:26] Turnover can be expensive, but keeping tenants for too long could mean your rents are too low

[27:54] The longer your tenant is there the more they treat it like their own home

[32:02] A recommendation to reduce your insurance prices



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