1387: Investors Are More Eligible, Timing the Market & Cash On Cash


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Are there any correlations with Real Estate and Great Dating Cities? Investors are more eligible mates. Today, we share a live conference clip with a discussion about timing the market and answering the valuable question, “Where not When!”

In the final segment of today’s episode, Jason answers a listener’s question about timing the market.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Crazy life: Bullseye with an ax, a business cruise, Aspen to Tampa

[4:00] Valentines Day and Real Estate: Investors and homeowners are more eligible mates!

[6:45] Top ten Best & Worst cities for dating in the USA

[13:10] It’s better to know which market to be in than to wait

[14:15] People rarely calculate the returns the period they are waiting

[15:00] Timing the market = regrets waiting

[23:05] A listener’s question about Timing the Market

[28:30] Don’t be so partisan all the time, give people credit where it’s due. Look at our economy now



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