1468: Exodus to Suburbia, NE Florida Market Update


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It’s being talked about everywhere, the exodus to suburbia. Jason Hartman continues to educate real estate investors on the best market profiles in which to invest. If these handpicked markets weren’t already looking great to you a year ago, the mass migration to the suburbs might be the tipping point. Ride the wave, get out in front, take a small risk.

We are joined today with a local market specialist for an update on Northeast Florida. Rental demand has gone up. Home goods are likely to go up as everyone settles into their new residence.

Key Takeaways:

[4:45] If you want the thrill of the great ride, the return on investment, “you gotta take some risks.”

[9:30] Talking about the U.S. agility its respective economy.

[13:45] People are moving to suburbia. How can you profit from this?

[16:00] Those that are leaving high-density areas, will arrive in suburbia thinking that everything looks cheap.

[19:45] America, the invented nation.

[21:00] Looking at an increase in rental demand.

[23:00] Local market update in Northeast Florida.

[28:00] Home goods demand is likely to climb as people migrate from high-density apartments.





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