1521: Individual Rights, 1,000 Years of Global Financial Data with Bryan Taylor


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Jason Hartman discusses human rights, the individual versus the group. Has Any Rand's fiction started to come to life? What lessons can we learn from this, and how can this impact your investments?

Dr. Bryan Taylor joins Jason Hartman as they rewind the clock 1,000 years to look at the history of interest rates and housing costs. The bubonic plague and the Spanish flu have both had an impact on economics. How does this relate to Coronavirus?

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Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Why would Atlas, Shrug?

[3:00] What rights do you have as a human?

[7:00] What reasons do we have that should give us protection?

[9:00] Groups cannot have rights; the individual is the smallest minority in the world.

[11:40] "In the name of the general welfare…"

[14:30] Part of property rights is being able to abandon that property.

Dr. Bryan Taylor

[20:00] Are interest rates the lowest they've ever been in history?

[21:20] Government debt explained based on the influences surrounding World War II

[22:20] Did Paul Volcker make the right moves?

[23:30] Are interest rates too low? What's the fallout?

[26:30] Prices are being controlled mainly by a lack of demand.







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