1693: Remembering & Honoring American Sacrifice on Memorial Day


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After touching on a young listener's incredible journey and exploring what's happening in the import/export business with China, Jason Hartman explores Memorial Day.

So many have given their lives because of their belief in our country. There's a good reason for it, and Jason dives into why it's a country worth the sacrifice they've given. From the time of our founding until today, our country has been a force for good. While we mourn those who have passed, we celebrate their lives and honor their sacrifice.

Key Takeaways:

[3:18] This 16 year old has been working up to 3 jobs, getting As, playing 2 sports, and has saved around $20,000!This 16 year old has been working up to 3 jobs, getting A's, playing 2 sports, and has saved around $20,000!

[6:58] Voxer messages with listener Carmen's comments on inflation and trade imbalance

[11:15] What being in forbearance actually did for people

[16:46] Thank you to those who have given their lives for our country

[20:27] A piece from Ronald Reagan's 1982 Christmas address

[25:00] America's charter documents are the only founding documents with the word Happiness in it



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