1702: CPI Inflation, Eviction Moratoriums, Housing Inventory & Lumber Prices


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Jason Hartman takes a look at what's going on with inflation today, and it isn't a pretty look. We're seeing inflation numbers that haven't been seen in nearly 30 years. What will happen next?

Then Jason examines why it's so important to keep local political climates in mind when you're buying investment properties, as well as fluctuating commodity prices and how much house flipping has changed since Covid began.

Key Takeaways:

[2:26] Core inflation at highest levels since 1992

[9:18] California is consideringe extending their eviction ban past June

[15:58] US housing market is short 5.5 million homes according to the NAR

[17:46] Lumber prices are moving lower

[19:51] House flipping has hit its lowest level in 21 years



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