Creative Lives: Jo Ham, artist, illustrator and founder


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Working across everything from homeware and ceramics to paper products and wall art, Jo Ham is the mastermind behind minimal homeware brand, HAM. On the podcast this week, she joins us to reflect on her own career-related confusion after graduating from the Ruskin School of Fine Art. We hear the journey that took her from advertising to setting out on her own path and how she built a successful business after her perspective was altered by a particularly challenging period. ... This episode of Creative Lives was brought to you by Lecture in Progress. The guest was Laurie Avon, interviewed by Indi Davies and presented by Marianne Hanoun. The editor was Ivor Manly. Lecture in Progress is made possible with the support of a number of brand partners – they include G . F Smith, Google, Sky Creative Agency, Hoefler and Co., Colophon Foundry and The Paul Smith Foundation.

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