Ep117 - Boaz Yakin, Screenwriter/Director 'Now You See Me' 'Remember the Titans' & 'Boarding School'


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Screenwriter Boaz Yakin has helped create films such as 'The Rookie,' 'Prince of Persia,' and 'Safe,' along with franchise films like 'Now You See Me' and 'Max.' These movies allowed for him to pursue passion projects as a screenwriter. In his latest film, 'Boarding School,' he’s developed a horror-inspired hero’s journey for adolescents. “Those are writing jobs where you’re like one of twenty writers on any one of those movies. Maybe you contributed enough to have a screen credit, but none of those things that I have tried to make or been more personally [involved with] like 'Fresh,' 'A Price Above Rubies,' or 'Death in Love,'” said the screenwriter. “These are movies I wrote and directed that came from me.” The writer-director would prefer to only make independent films, but the balance between projects allow for him to get the smaller films on the big screen. “In order to pay the bills—in order to pay for these movies—I’ve had to make more commercial movies and write things like that and put money back into these things..." In addition to this audio format, the print interview for this conversation is available on Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s website. Stay up-to-date on other creative advice and watch our YouTube series at www.creativeprinciples.live

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