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It’s human nature to focus on what’s wrong. We’re often taught to achieve balance by strengthening our weaknesses. But what if we just need to be aware of our weaknesses and not necessarily spend time on them?

Focusing on your strengths will help you go further. Why? Because you can hire someone who is strong in the areas where you are lacking. That’s the beauty of teamwork. When you’re focused on your own strengths, you’ll also start acknowledging it in the people around you, creating a better work environment.

To dive deeper into this approach, I’ve brought on Darren Virassammy, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 34 Strong. A leading expert in the global Employee Engagement community, Darren leverages the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment to create massive shifts within organizations, both culturally and on the bottom line.

To learn how to become a strength-based entrepreneur who leads with confident vulnerability, download this episode now.


“We need to be confident where we shine, and confident where we’re blind.” - Darren Virassammy

Highlights -
  • Focus on what’s right with people not what’s wrong with them.
  • Have confident vulnerability- be aware of your strengths and also your weaknesses.
  • To get to team awareness, we have to start with self-awareness.
  • Facebook doesn’t find people to fit a job, they fit a job to the people.
  • “Grind, Greatness, Genius” - spend time identifying the things you do on a day-to-day basis that are difficult, that are enjoyable, and that are consistently near perfect. Think about what you did today that you loved.
  • Take the Strengthsfinder Assessment to find your strengths.
  • Talents are natural patterns of behavior that can be productively applied.

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