544: William Arruda - Personal Branding in the Virtual Age


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The world is moving deeper into the digital world and at an alarmingly fast pace. As a result, today’s technology has leveled the business playing field. In this fast-moving virtual age, establishing a strong personal brand has become a critical part of being a Creative Warrior.

Whether it’s on or offline, your personal brand is about giving people in your community a choice. When you can be pure and clear about your values, product or services, and you why are most memorable, you will be giving your community the opportunity to choose you. Furthermore, the virtual age has brought upon the need for more skills, dexterity, and understanding of how AI can enhance your brand and what you do.

To dive deeper into branding in the digital age, I’ve brought on entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a leading authority on the topic of personal branding, William Arruda. William is the CEO of Reach Personal Branding and the co-founder of CareerBlast.TV. He regularly shares his thoughts on workplace trends and branding in his Forbes column. William is also the bestselling author of the books Career Distinction and Ditch, Dare, Do! His latest book, Digitial YOU, helps leaders translate their real-world brands for the virtual world.

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“Business is a human endeavor.” -William Arruda

Highlights -
    • A strong brand has the three C’s: clarity, consistency, and constancy. is the most important part of building your brand.
    • Make sure your photos or information online is up-to-date.
    • There are 9 trends that drive home the importance of personal branding: nexting, flextrepreneurship, digital first, brandscaping, treadmill learning, digital advocacy, distance branding, digital dexterity, and youcasting.
    • Sharing your values, passions, and humanity, are an impactful part of your brand story.
    • Make sure you quantify your work with facts that can bring credibility.
    • If you want freedom, build your personal brand- even if you don’t know how you’re going to use it.

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