#33: Gigi Rodgers on Going Viral, Being Yourself & Learning from Setbacks


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Today’s guest is Gigi Rodgers, whose photos of body painting on herself went viral, got published in various media outlets and grew her online following. She’s a social media and brand strategist and infuses her personality into everything she does - encouraging us all to “embrace the weird” and everything that is different about us. We talked about getting your content out there, repurposing to reach more people, pushing your comfort zone, showing up on Instagram stories, and building resilience after failing as a business owner.

"Go ahead and embrace the weird. Embrace everything that is cool, and you, and different… it doesn’t matter what you’re into" - Gigi Rodgers

Some of the things we talked about:

  • How Gigi started body painting herself as a creative outlet
  • How she got featured in Metro, Mashable & more and grew her online following that way
  • Using Reddit as a marketing strategy, and being prepared for going viral
  • Repurposing content to make the most of all the effort you put in, batching & scheduling in advance
  • Being yourself online and embracing “the weird”
  • Pushing your comfort zone and putting yourself out there in small ways to build confidence
  • Tips for showing up daily on Instagram stories and getting over the cringe-factor
  • How setbacks plus self-awareness and honestly have helped Gigi’s mindset in life & business
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