#37: Hannah Bullivant on Kindness as a Core Business Value and Being Honest About the Journey


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Today’s guest is stylist, writer and nature lover Hannah Bullivant. We talk about Hannah's journey to finding her calling in an unexpected industry, and the path to believing that styling makes a difference to more than just the way things look, kindness as a core life and business value, building charity into our work in small ways, being honest about the journey, always learning and being willing to mess up. This episode is part of the free Everyday Difference community project.

"What can I do today to be kind to myself?" - Hannah Bullivant

Some of the things we talked about:

  • How Hannah found her space as a stylist (after initially not feeling she fit into that world)
  • Why styling matters is about more than looks - including the concept of home and the way it makes people feel
  • Building charity into your paid work (even in a small way)
  • The importance of bringing nature into her work
  • Overcoming the worry of your work being too “frivolous” and figuring out your calling
  • Kindness as a business and life value, and changing the way we talk to ourselves
  • How Hannah applies this value to being an online influencer
  • The importance of sometimes stepping back, passing the mic, and being open to getting things wrong
  • Being honest about flexible working, childcare and self-employment
  • Being grateful for achieving your “dream", but also being honest about the unexpected struggles that come with it

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