#38: Practical Ways We Can Make A Difference As Small Business Owners & Online Creatives


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Today I’m talking about practical ways in which we can make a difference in the world as business owners and online creatives. This includes the way we sell, the way we market, incorporating our values and feminism into everything we do. It includes doing our bit for the environment, making sure our work is accessible, building charity into what we do and more. I want to emphasise that I am notalready doing all of these things, but I am going to make small changes, and I hope you will be inspired to as well. This episode is part of my free Everyday Difference project, and you can sign up to updates here.

"If we care about something, and we do work in alignment with our values, then we aremaking a difference and remaking our culture in a way that is better for everyone. The more we claim that, the more we empower others to do the same."

Some of the things I talk about:

  • How to make a difference to the people we work with
  • Ways in which we can make a difference to our clients, audience and wider community
  • How we can market in a compassionate, feminist and intersectional way
  • Ways to make our work more accessible
  • How to do our part to address to climate crisis
  • How we protect ourselves and our own boundaries in all of this
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