#40: Jessica Rose Williams on Claiming Your Voice, 'the Numbers' & Tuning Into What You Really Want


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Today’s guest is writer, blogger and fellow introvert, Jessica Rose Williams. I loved this interview, as we got pretty deep about a few topic, including our feelings about “the numbers” on Instagram, and online in general, finding a voice as women who have previously found it hard to speak our opinions, and running a business based on values (including minimalism).

"Maybe you can spend your days doing what makes you happy" - Jessica Rose Williams

Some of the things we talked about:

  • How she feels about “the numbers” on Instagram and online in general
  • Boundaries, and separating her “brand” self from her full self
  • Making peace with falling behind, especially on DMs and emails
  • How Jessica felt about making the move to podcasting, and how it's a way women are finding their voice and their space online
  • Continuing to feel vulnerable even after years of blogging and sharing online
  • Dealing with bad reviews and personal criticism online
  • The difficulty (and beauty) of owning your opinions, especially when they differ from someone else's
  • How Jessica’s minimalist philosophy impacts the way she runs her business, and running a values-based business in general
  • Separating what you really want from what society makes you think you want
  • Jessica’s feelings about goals
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