Episode 1 - Cabin 28 & The Aggie Bonfire Collapse


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In this episode, Erika covers the unsolved quadruple homicide from 1981 in Keddie California. The victims, Glenna Susan "Sue" Sharp, her son John Sharp, her daughter Tina Sharp, and John's friend Dana Hall Wingate. The murders took place in Cabin 28 where the Sharp family was living at the time. It occurred in the late evening of April 11, 1981 or the early morning of April 12, 1981. The victims were found by Sue's oldest daughter, Sheila, who was 14 at the time. Tina was missing from the home. Her skull and other bones were later found at Camp 18 in Feather Falls.
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Then, Amber covers the Texas A & M Aggie Bonfire collapse. At approximately 2:42 am on November 18, 1999, the annual Aggie bonfire at Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas collapsed during construction. The catastrophe took 12 lives and injured 27.
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