Episode 10 - The Crime Spree of Colton Harris Moore & The Edmond Oklahoma Post Office Massacre


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In this episode, Amber covers the crime spree of Colton Harris Moore who at the time was dubbed the Barefoot Bandit. Colton was just a young boy who dreamed of flying when he escaped a juvenile detention center in Renton, WA. The 2 years that followed include multiple stolen planes, boats and vehicles, leading authorities from several law enforcement agencies on a wild goose chase that ends in the Bahamas.
Amber pulled her sources from:
The Harold - article by Jackson Holtz
48 hours - "Chasing the Barefoot Bandit"
Documentary - "Fly Colt Fly" Directed by Andrew Gray
Then Erika covers the Edmond Oklahoma post office massacre. On August 20, 1986 in Edmond Oklahoma, an angry postal worker, Patrick Sherrill went on a shooting rampage killing 14 and injuring 6 before taking his own life.
Erika pulled her sources from:

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