Episode 12 - The Witman Family & The Weepy Voiced Killer


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In this episode Amber covers the heartbreaking tale of the Witman family. In 1998, 13 - year old Gregory Witman is found on the floor of the laundry room of his family home with over 60 stab wounds. He was discovered by his 15 - year old brother, Zachary. Zachary is found guilty of the murder and is sentenced to life in prison. Now Greg and Zach's parents are grieving the loss of both of their children.
Amber pulled her sources from:
The Witmans - an ID Special Documentary by David Petersen
Then Erika covers the case of the Weepy Voiced Killer. Paul Michael Stephani terrorized Minnesota in the early 1980's, killing 3 women. Nicknamed The Weepy Voiced Killer, Stephanie would anonymously report his own crimes over the phone to police using a whiny voice after every killing.
Erika pulled her sources from:
Mark of a Killer - Oxygen

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