Episode 18 - The Mystery of Rathdrum Idaho & The 2016 Clown Panic


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In this episode, Amber covers the mysterious town of Rathdrum Idaho. Witches, devil worship and animal sacrifices have been part of the lore of the small northern Idaho town for decades. But in 1973, a young Rathdrum couple, Ron and Rita Marcussens were found decapitated in the woods of Rathdrum; leaving some locals believing that perhaps there is some truth to the legends.
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Then Erika covers the clown panic of 2016. In 2015 a mysterious video appeared online of a dangerous clown who enjoyed scaring misbehaving children. What followed has since been dubbed the great clown panic of 2016.
Erika pulled her sources from:
Hulu Documentary "Wrinkles the Clown"

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