Episode 25 - The Giggling Granny & The Heavens Gate Cult


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*Note, Amber forgot to name her sources on the audio, but they are listed here.*
In this weeks episode, Erika covers Nannie Doss, aka the Giggling Granny. Nannie Doss was a serial killer responsible for 11 deaths from the 1920's to the 1950's. She was also referred to as The Lonely Hearts Killer, Black Widow and Lady Blue Beard.
Erika pulled her sources from:
www.encyclopediaofalabama.org "Nannie Doss"
www.tulsaworld.com "Only in Oklahoma: Black Widow Enjoyed the Limelight"
Then Amber covers the Heavens Gate cult. The religious group was founded in 1974 and held the belief that the human body was just a vessel used to achieve the next step (heaven). The members believed that they would be taken to heaven on a spaceship.
Amber pulled her sources from:
People Magazine Investigates Cults "Heavens Gate" Season 2, Episode 3
www.britanica.com entry by J. Gordon Melton

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