Bad Analysis Equals Wrongful Conviction: The Tragic Case of Timothy Masters


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Criminal Behaviorology Bad Analysis Equals Wrongful Conviction: The Tragic Case of Timothy Masters Timothy Masters was released from a Colorado prison in 2008 after serving nine years for a crime he did not commit. In this episode, we will review an article (When Worlds Collide, The Forensic Examiner, 2009) by Frank S. Perri and Terrence G. Lichtenwald on the Masters case, and focus on the proper and improper use of criminal profiling. In addition, the announcement of an upcoming (July 30th, 2020) webinar on “Novel Uses of Applied Behavior Analysis,” for which Continuing Education units are available. Sign-up information is below: Updates and other information on this webinar can be found at this Facebook page: Show Highlights: - The facts of the Masters case including the details of the crime, the extrapolation of personality and behavioral characteristics from Masters’s drawings and the lack of physical evidence linking him to the murder. - Allegations of the defense not receiving pertinent details, including the opinion of retired FBI Agent Roy Hazelwood. - The use of a forensic psychologist in cases of criminal profiling, and why such an expert could view the same information very differently from a seasoned criminal investigator. - The reality of criminal profiling and why we must be careful in the interpretation of evidence in cases like this one. Look up CrimBehav on Facebook: Criminal Behaviorology on Blogger. CB Podcast Sites: Please write a review on any of our podcast sites listed above. Questions, comments, and requests for transcripts to: Thank you for listening. --- Support this podcast:

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