Criminology from a New Perspective: The Psychosocial View


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David Gadd and Tony Jefferson wrote the book Psychosocial Criminology. These gentlemen graciously agreed to interview via WebEx and discuss the ideas in the book. Although we had some differences in approach to the fascinating world of criminality, we also shared some common ground on the importance of individual experiences and the complexities involving each case. We went on past the scheduled time, but Tony Jefferson reminded me that none of us are going anywhere, with things as they are, so we continued the discussion a bit longer. Show Highlights: - The distinction of the psychosocial view from a purely sociological examination on what causes crime. - The significance of the case-study approach. Contrasting case studies from cross-sectional research. How looking at large population comparisons can be a problem when analyzing data. The proper use of case studies and cross-sectional approaches. - Freud’s ideas regarding mental conflict. The relevance of the Freudian view and what is the unconscious anyway (sorry behavior analysts 😊). - The sensitive topic of sexual assault and the motives involved. How the idea of “power” being the motivation is, perhaps, too simplistic. - The Jeffrey Dahmer case and the unique and not-so-unique features of the case. Why Dahmer is a good example of the importance of the psychosocial view. - A book by Jack Katz, Seductions of Crime. How the views of Jack Katz have added to, and been expanded upon, in the book Psychosocial Criminology. Psychosocial Criminology – On Amazon: Links to information on David Gadd and Tony Jefferson: David Gadd Professor of Criminology School of Social Sciences University of Manchester Address: Office 4.57, Williamson Building, Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PL Tel: 07968 169717/01612755621 Email: Skype: prof.david.gadd Twitter: @ProfDavidGadd Tony Jefferson Criminal Behaviorology podcast on the Battering Assessment Tool by Marilyn Bonem: Seductions of Crime by Jack Katz: The Jeffrey Dahmer Case: The Gary Gilmore Case: The book Tony Jefferson refers to is One of Us, about the mass murder in Norway by Anders Breivik: Look up CrimBehav on Facebook: Criminal Behaviorology on Blogger. CB Podcast Sites: Please write a review on any of our podcast sites listed above. Questions, comments, and requests for trancripts to --- Support this podcast:

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