I Have Decided to Call this Criminal Behaviorology


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Criminal Behaviorology

I Have Decided to Call this Criminal Behaviorology

In a recent symposium, presented online, your host had the opportunity to present on the Application and Dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis in the Criminal Justice Field. Along with an excellent opportunity to discuss an area of behavior analysis not always presented at such conferences, there was also a walk down memory lane regarding some of the episodes we have presented previously. In addition, the announcement of an upcoming (July 30th, 2020) webinar on “Novel Uses of Applied Behavior Analysis,” for which Continuing Education units are available. Sign-up information is below:


Updates and other information on this webinar can be found at this Facebook page:


Show Highlights:

- The start of Criminal Behaviorology as an area of interest. A brief review of literature on crime and behavior analysis that is by no means exhaustive.

- A Special Interest Group with the Association of Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) on Crime, Delinquency and Forensic Behavior Analysis.

- A special focus on domestic violence, in part because of some very intriguing literature, and because it is an area of where crime and behavior analysis intersect in some ways potentially quite beneficial.

- The upcoming webinar on the novel applications of ABA. A set of speakers on different topics for students, researchers, and practitioners of applied behavior analysis.

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