CJ Evolution Podcast: Tracie Keesee - SVP of Social Justice Initiatives for Center of Policing Equity and NYPD Deputy Commissioner (Ret)


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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Top-Rated Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast. A podcast for the criminal justice professional. The purpose? To make you better both personally and professionally.

A big thank you to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field. Whatever you are doing, and wherever you are at – Thank you for your hard work. Remember you are honored, cherished, and loved.

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So excited to have my friend Tracie Keesee back on the show. Tracie has had a long and distinguished career in law enforcement starting with the Denver Police Department and ending with the New York City Police Department as the Deputy Commissioner of Equity and Inclusion.

She is currently the Senior Vice President of Social Justice Initiatives for The Center of Policing Equity. We all want and need our brave men and women who protect us to keep getting better.

A great show with an amazing guest.

You can find Tracie Keesee here:

Center for Policing Equity Website


Tracie Linkedin Profile


Stay tuned for more great guests on The CJEvolution Podcast


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