Who is the Best Superhero?

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After discussing the latest events in comics (Marvel Legacy and DC's Mr. Oz reveal) Brance and Gabe reveal as objectively as possible who is the best superhero of all time. Using a single elimination tournament bracket to pair off heroes, they use criteria to judge each outcome - the hero's impact on society, best comic runs, and overal depth/mythology.

Starting Brackets:

Black Panther vs Aquaman
Professor X vs Luke Cage
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) vs Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Captain America vs Superman
Dark and Disturbed
Daredevil vs Batman
Hellboy vs Spawn
Rorshach vs Punisher
Wolverine vs Deadpool
Gods and the Godlike
Silver Surfer vs Dr. Manhattan
Jean Grey vs The Hulk
Storm vs Flash (Wally West)
Thor vs Wonder Woman
Smart and Quick Wits
Iron Man vs Green Arrow
Red Robin vs Black Widow
Spiderman vs Nightwing
Mr Fantastic vs Flash (Barry Allen)

Listen to find out who became the Best Superhero!

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